Thursday, June 5, 2008

Psycotic fits of Rage breifly analyzed by me

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I'm driving this morning and thinking about certain acts of insanity. Why? Who knows? I was wondering if I was the only person who thinks of losing every little minor bit of my mind in certain situations. (watching snapped apparently isn't working lol). Between wondering if counseling is in order, and thinking of running the person driving 7 mph in the car pool lane off the road, I pondered where people get these random acts of rage from.

Some people are believe to be "pushed over the edge," (here in the states we call it postal). It is the point where the "average" person has taken their full weight and can't handle anymore. At that point it is assumed that this person "snaps" into a fit of rage that is difficult to control. These fits of rage don't give anyone super strength at all, but for the most part just put people in an out of body type mindset that leads then to react...often violently.

People often pride themselves in their ability to "get under people's skin." lol The problem is that those people aren't often on the receiving end when the ones that they choose to annoy lose it. A man flips out and goes postal, while his wife/girlfriend/kids/whomever suffers nothing, but starts the whole thing (or vice versa I suppose). Leaving the person who started it to mock that so called insane persons behavior by calling them "childish" or whatever.

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree that people should be able to flip out and straight fuck other people up. For the most part I believe in timeouts, counting breathing, and mostly prayer. These things have kept me far from prison, and many other far from...we'll just leave that part out.

Sometimes I wonder why some folks I know are even still standing, but we all have the ability to control our actions. However, I can understand why one would feel like they can lose it. I'm sure we all do.

The above video (possibly unreal) is an example of what can happen if someone completely loses all control. Was the environment the reason? Who knows? It could've been the ride to work everyday, or what was happening daily prior to that. I somehow am of the belief that all these people aren't "bad" people. Maybe people who couldn't handle a certain pressure, maybe just good people that have been pushed to the edge. I know that I myself wasn't surprised upon asking a few friends and acquaintances whether they have thought about going "buck nutty" and getting "HELL YEAHS" from all but maybe 1 of them lol.

All in all, we need to learn self control, but when pushed to the edge, who knows what instincts one will draw upon, maybe it isn't wise to find out.

Speaking of "buck nutty" Royce 5'9's verse on this Elzhi cut is exactly that.

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"Be good to ya family ya'll, no matter where ya' family are, cuz everybody need family ya'll, raise your hand you understand me dog, everybody need family ya'll" - Mos Def


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