Monday, June 2, 2008 interview (Shout to Mario)


trek life - hard work oddisee rmx
trek life - long time coming oddisee rmx

Where is Trek Life from & where do you reside.?
-Born in South Central off 110th & Hoover, but I spend my teen and adult years in the 626!!! West Covina.I still stay in the “6″ in the city of Duarte.

How was your experience working with producers such as Evidence, Babu, Dj Khalil, J Thrill & Rhett.?
-More than anything a dream come true. I was on the scene during the times that they were coming up but I was just spectating at the time. I admired the fact that they were puttin’ in work back then at Unity and tours all around Cali and the world. Shit was amazing to be accepted and be able to get down with them when things started to work for me. I learned a lot from each producer.

How did you link up with Oddisee.?
-We met at the House of Blues when he was touring with J-Live, Pigeon John, and The living Legends. Move.meant was opening for the LA show so I came through to support. He had been asking folks in LA whowas the emcee to work with and many people were saying me. My man brub introduced us and we expchanged information. We first started doing shows, a few in LA, a few in NY, then we toured the US and Europe. From there we was like brothers man. Odd is truly like family. Not everyone in this game is sincere when it comes to business. That’s when best friends all of a sudden start pointing fingers and split. Odd is one of the few people that can keep things business without bullshittin’.

Are you guys working on a project together.?
-Oddisee remixed my album Price I’ve Paid and it is being released in Japan on Subcontact in August. He’s also producing 5 songs on the next album. We’ve just started on the 5 songs. Timeless Music will be releasing the remixes in the states sometime in Oct right before the album drops.

What are you currently working on.? Any tours coming up.?
-Other than the new album (it’s not titled yet), just doing verses here and there with folks from everywhere. Trying to keep things fresh. I’ve been dj’ing a lot more than rapping lately, so you can catch me at Bridges @ The Derby in Los Feliz every first and 3rd sat. Doing shows here and there to keep in good practice and come up with a new set when the album drops.
What should we expect from trek life in 2008.?-This year I have a much better focus. My daughter was born last year and she’s healthy and growing, so i’m starting to get comfortable with making moves knowing that she’ll be ok. You can expect me to start grinding as hard as I was when you saw me everywhere in the city last year. The new album will be out in November. More fire!

Anything else you want to add.?
-Yeah man, I wanna say real quick that we have a golden opportunity to make a strong run for LA with the talent we have out here. Pac Div, Bishop Lamont, Blu, Aloe Blacc, U.N.I, Mykestro, Dvooa, Dibiase, the list could go on forever. Not to mention dope media outlets like Vimby, Vapors Magazine and other spots that are open to new shit and not closed minded or only let their little weird friends in the door. Some of these cats are younger than I and don’t remember the time not too long before this when we had this opp. Please keep them frontin’ ass egos out and let’s win. Just trust me on this one, this city is poised to blow.

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