Monday, January 12, 2009

The album release party was DOPE!!!

Thank you to all those that came through to the New Money iTunes release this past Sat 01-10-09. For those that didn't get a chance to make it out, here are a few videos for you and a little more information on what

"New Money" is.There will be much more music to come from me this year. Matter of fact, check out for links to download joints off New Money, Video's of shows and more. "Go ahead, take it" (c) Eddie Murphy in that skit on SNL a long time ago. lol

As many of you know Oddisee remixed my first album Price I've Paid. It was released exclusively in Japan (titled All Times)with a few bonus cuts in August with a clause that we had to wait a few months before releasing it in the US

Mello Music group has picked up the album for the states (now titled-New Money there's a long story behind this) and it is now going to be available on iTunes come tomorrow (Jan 6th) and on cd March 3rd. The CD will have some exclusive tracks only on the US version just as there were exclusives on the Japan import.

So...ummm...Trek...ummm are you going to write some new raps and put out an actual NEW record? I mean, this album is 3 years old lol

The answer is yes. Late summer will mark the release of my 2nd album "Everything Changed Nothing" on Mello Music. The album will be about 70% produced and 100% overseen (music wise atleast) by Oddisee. There are already cuts from Kev Brown, Babu and Hudson Mohawke on the album.

March will also mark the 3rd year that Oddisee and I will be hitting Europe on tour, anyone with any info to help add a few dates please hit me up @, if not, i'll be posting the dates closer to the time of the tour.

For those that would like an EP vinyl copy of the Japanese import you can go to my myspace page and cop one from paypal (I only have 6 of them left) you can cop through paypal via my myspace. btw...this part of the message will self destruct lol.

New Money can be purchased on iTunes

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