Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lies, Statistics and the President

I watched a great man take the reigns of this country on the 20th. I thought about my grand parents. My father, who's blood is mixed with the American struggle of slavery (Black), and gentrification (Native American). *disclaimer: yes I know that Blacks and Native Americans respectively went through both slavery and gentrification OK!* My mother who told me stories of middle class life growing up and the shock of having to use a colored toilet at a train station in CA. Racial shit that myself and friends of mine black, white and all have been through and what a slap in the face this president's election was to a country that has divided itself by race with the statistics to back their reasoning for as long as anyone can remember.

"50% of white people believe this." "30% of black people do this."

You can't open the paper without reading about 5 or five people sat in a room and figured out the thoughts actions and ways of about a billion others. People take these stats, apply them to people that they CHOSE to apply them to, they spew this garbage into the world as if they know exactly what they are talking about.

Your opinions are not validated statistics. Sorry, they just aren't. You can sit all day, and write, and talk, and believe that people are a certain way, but ultimately, you would end up wrong in the end regardless. Along with wasting a bunch of time trying to describe the inner workings of people that you don't even know and most of them you don't even care about. Most of you who do this later turn around and disregard half of those people by silly things like the closed they way, the way that they talk, the music they listen to, or the fact they they don't know some obscure "artist" that you know. My point is, you don't even care enough about the people that you categorize to be running your mouth in the first place.

Before we all jump around over the "minor" details of this historic changing of the guard. Stop and think of the MAJOR things that are happening. The ideas that he has and the hope that he will be able to implement enough of those ideas to change the financial scope of this country along with the forward thinking mindset of the people in it.

All I'm saying is, before you talk THINK!

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