Friday, March 27, 2009

2009 Euro Tour Wrap up!

What up folks,

I've officially been back from tour for a few days. It always takes some time to for me to relax and reflect on tours and what i've learned from them. I guess what always comes to mind first is how lucky a lot of us are that we are able to travel to places we'd otherwise never have been able to see because of this music. People place a lot of negative mess on hip-hop these days, but to me it's been nothing but a blessing (well, some folks have pissed me off, so not all blessings, but close enough lol). It's been a passport, an introduction, and tool for the opportunity to learn. Whenever I catch a flight to somewhere I never even knew was on the map, I have to be thankful that Kool Herc played breaks to a crowd of young people to spark this shit. I'm amazed at what it has become when "me" of all people is rockin infront of 1000+ people in Mayrhofen, Austria with snow outside and a skate ramp in the back. "No one believed I would ever be here." Runs through my head in amazement. Hell, there were times that I didn't.

There's more to rap for me than just finding albums on the internet to go to message boards and talk bad about. I get to see the people react when the beat comes on and that somehow means more than what anyone could ever type. I have places to tell my little girl to go, new friends in total different countries to introduce to old friends I used to rap with on the steps of the quad. I look forward to us all talking shit over a few brews and a game of FIFA (or Madden lol). After all, I was NEVER supposed to be there. Definitely not 3 years in a row and making money. But by the grace of God, hard work, talent and the positive character and upbringing of my fam, I made it to see a whole lot of shit. I have no choice but to appreciate the music that got me there and the people that were kind enough to open their homes, cars, cities and venues up to me.

Anyone who has ever seen me onstage knows that I put my all into giving that love right back. The people deserve it. Shout out to every place we've touched down. On behalf of myself and Oddisee, we thank you kindly and look forward to the opportunity to rock with ya'll again. But personally, you all served a very special notice to a whole lot of people that looked down on me and what I do and I thank you all putting your hands in the air, rockin side to side, responding during call and reponse, and all and all enjoying yourselves to let them know. "Trek Life deserves to be here."

Peace and see ya'll next year.

Trek Life coming soon

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