Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 things that yo' mama told you that have been lost on the ina'net

Since the dawn of the new age called the internet, we have all become increasingly more attached and outgoing. All of us once internal people, are now spilling out guts about what we like, who we are, who we don't like and so on for the world to see. With a WiFi signal and a click, you can share your opinion on just about anything, sometimes anonymously, most times with a nice pretty picture of yo face and a list of things that you do on the weekends right next to it.

Where I think that people that frown upon this all are really the silly ones (I mean you could easily just ignore it right? What's the point of having an opinion on something that you can simply never apply to?), there are some general principles that have been lost in all the fun. The result is often a mean look or a tough talking to, but sometimes a beatdown!

Let's explore the 3 things yo' mama told you that have been lost on the ina'net:

3. Tell the truth and shame the Devil...

This relates to the personality that some of us have created for ourselves on the world wide web. NO, you aren't 5'5 with a track runner body just because it says it on facebook. NO, you don't own 3 cars and a house with a dog just because it says it on your MySpace page. You can't twitter nor IM yourself into falsehoods. This is simple, you'd do better telling the truth in these cases, exaggerating is only going to lead to embarrassment in the long run. I'm just sayin...

2. Mind your business...

Aaahh yes, blogging has made everyone's business, everyone else's business. It's one thing to talk about things that have been put out there. It's all in good fun, share your opinion, but when private matters hit the net, sometimes, shit hits the fan. I can dig it though. I mean, who wants their beez-wax a mouse click away at all times? lol I look on the news and see that a high school girl got jumped for talking reckless on MySpace, and I think "well, that's what happens I guess (shrug)." No sadness, no, "oh my God what's this world coming to?" Actually, that leads to the next point, let's move on...

1. Don't let your mouth write checks, that you ass can't cash...(The Perez Hilton complex)

There's a very good reason why some people go through life without dealing with much mess. That reason is often that they don't generate mess to begin with. At the secure frame of 5"9 and somewhere around 145 you just wont see me out and about talking crazy to someone the size of Shaq. I mean, i'ma fight for mines, but why even put yourself in that position to begin with. That man knew he couldn't fight! He knew that he could knocked out at any time, but decided to write all sorts of ridiculous things about people. Got punched NOW YOU WANNA SUE? There should be a check systems for mouth checks with no ass collateral. I've seen it far too many times. Someone says something about someone on the net, and gets beat up that same Friday or Sat for their words. Even worse, gets their ip address figured and ends up getting a visit <--no bullshit. Use common sense folks. I'm just sayin'.

All and all I leave you with this, "Its better to be more smart than proud" You can lose a WHOLE lot of shit being proud. It aint always about getting socked, sometimes you can lose close friends, fam, or worse, get you or someone you love shot.

This has been a Trek Life PSA. I love all ya'll. Surf Safely


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Sockpuppet said...

'Tell the truth and shame the Devil'

I completely agree, being a sock I feel I have a unique appreciation of honesty and it's about time someone stood up for good ol' fashioned values.
When will people learn to blog responsibly?
Keep up the work