Friday, December 21, 2007

Von Pea of Tanya Morgan remixes American Gangster

So, I was conversing with my homeboy about what I was bumpin' this year. This fool didn't know none of the records I was talking about! lol That's when it hit me. I'll just post up some artist and music that i'm interested in! So with that, expect a couple of remix albums, new groups and so on. I ain't 'bout to get into rating anything that I post, nor will I ever post something I don't like. (Why waste my time talking about music I don't like? LOL). The purpose of this is to introdue you to what I enjoy, not what I don't.

Let us begin.

2 years ago (I think) I logged onto for the first time. I never knew what the hell people were talking about, or what them shirts the Roots had on meant, nor mothered to find out until them. Now, I'm glad I did. I've met so many dope cats and heard so much dope shit through that site that it's hard to imagine what my music library would be like without it. The first cat I was put onto was this cat named Von Pea (1/3 of the critically acclaimed crew Tanya Morgan). I didn't know what the hell them lil' (oks) by people's names meant at the time, so when I saw one by his name I figured since he had one, he must be affiliated and I should check his music out.I ended up telling my boy Kev Sakoda that this dude was someone to watch in a few years, not just an emcee, but a producer as well (first joint I ever heard was Shuttupanlisten). From there he ripped a very dope verse on the opening track of Foreign Exchange's album (Phonte and Nicolay). Taking it even further, him and his partners from Tanya Morgan set it off last year with their debut album  Moonlighting, receiving a shit load of praise and placing themselves in position to be a force to be reconned with in the near future.

So here we are, my man Von Pea has now remixed Jay-Z's "American Gangster" (retitled: American Angst-er). Now I know, the many horrid remixes of "The Black Album" may make it hard to trust me on this. But THIS SHIT IS FIRE!!!  I feel like he made it more of a concept record than Jay lol. Using clips from the movie to move from track to track with ease Von has reworked an already dope record and gave it a different feel. He flipped the shit out of the Roc Boys joint, murdered Ignorant Shit and even shared rhymes with Jigga on a flawless remix of Hello Brooklyn (Von Pea is also from Brooklyn unlike Lil' Weezy haha).

Now let me be clear, just like any other time you listen to a remix album, you may find songs that you may like better as the original (I will put dough on "Ignorant shit" though). That being said, this is a very good listen, and it is up for free download below. Check it out, feedback right here in this blog if you'd like.

(rar version)

(zip version)


The Hero said...

This was a great read and great album. Looking forward to MORE posts from you!!

Sennai said...

Keep up the good work, it is fire.