Friday, January 11, 2008

Can we all agree that Ghostface can be considered one of the G.O.A.T.s

I'm serious!

Here's the challenge. Put ghost whole catalogue in your ipod, or in whatever media player you have on your computer. Then put that bitch on shuffle and listen to how ill that nigga is.

What? What you want story tellin'? "Yolanda's House" (Ghostface's Big Doe Rehab track 3) or "Shakey Dog" (which is one the most entertaining stories ever told in hip-hop ever lol) (Ghostface's Fishscale track 1).

What? What you want straight up flows? I ain't even gotta talk about the countless tracks that this nigga done murdered. Beat the Clock for example.

What? Did you say you wanted songs about the ladies? Well you already know that Wildflower (Ghostface's Spreme Clientele track 2) is the best song for fellas to end relationships with LOL. Plus he actually got some club hits on deck (please excuse Tush, if you can excuse Nas for Oochie Wallie then you can excuse Tush).

All i'm sayin is. This dude has been on point for a minute and we've basically overlooked him. Take the challenge, bet he ends up in your top 10.


The Hero said...

Who's the #2 Wu then?

Trek Life said...

Gotta be ODB...At his best, he was ridiculous....Then Raekwon