Friday, February 29, 2008

What city are we in TUBINGEN, DE!!!!

Why in God's name can't I sleep on the DAMN PLANE!?!?! AAAARRGGGGG Oddisee was knocked out for the whole flight. I tried everything, reading, listening to slow music, counting sheep, NOTHING WORKED. Whatever, we headed to one of the dopest cities that we went to last year. TUBINGEN, Germany!!!

We caught the flight from London to Stuttgart and met up with DJ Conikt (UNCLE CORN!!!) then took a 1-2 hour drive to Tubingen. Got to DJ Caustic's house, (*sigh* the damn steps again LOL) and hit this restaurant where Ariginal works for some very good food. I started to fall asleep at the table (Blackdenamugg!) so we headed back for some much needed rest.

Sound check was simple, and the spot was packed. Oddise RIPPED! that shit! I wanted to not rap and let him just do his thing. He was forreal killin' it song for song. I hit the stage and did my thing as well. We sold some CDs talked to some drunk folks LOL, and headed to get some MORE food (we actually chilled and ate in the gas station, yes IN the gas station) and rest.

Words can't describe how inspiring this city is. The vibe of the city is perfect for me. There's something about the people and the town in general that speaks directly to me.

There are even a project building for pigeons LOL. Don't believe me?

Shout out to Ariginal, DJ Caustic (CrowdKrushers!), DJ Maytee,Keller Fever, Mishoo and the whole Tubingen crew. It always feels like home when i'm there.

GRIMEY PIGEON Projects! Lol Basically they have a little building set up for Pigeons to go kick it and sleep in the park, but, since it's been tagged on, I think its the projects.

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