Friday, February 29, 2008

Broadcastin' Live from London, UK

Well folks,

Once again I am across the waters rockin stages with my man Oddisee and the homey Conikt. Honestly this is a much needed trip for a whole lot of reasons, most importantly to get to see old friends and new family that I haven't seen in a while and secondly to reflect on decisions and thangs at home.

But enough of the extras, let us get into London.

Ummm...10:30 HOUR FLIGHT!! lol So apparently ya'll have no clue how airplanes are Trek Life's arch nemesis. I'm hyper, restless, can barely sleep, and have a short attention span when it comes to reading, everything that makes sitting on a plane for more than an hour the worst thing EVER! I don't know about you, but I ain't the one to be able to sit on a plane for ever and a day thinking about shit. I ain't scared, but damn. Props to United for not overbooking the flight and letting me have my own 2 seats. I mean, I wasn't like DJ Haul (of Haul & Mason fame, yes he was on the plane) in first class LOL, but I was good.

Finally I hit the airport, slide through customs and wait 2 hours for Oddisee :-/ (yeah muthaf*&ka, I told on yo ass HAHA). All good though, I was just happy to have my first show ever in Germany! Forreal!

We hit the streets of London, head straight to the venue and drop heavy ass bag off, grab something to eat (FISH & CHIPS NIGGA!!), head back to the venue sound check, get on the internet, bag on each other, watch some funny shit on youtube and hit the stage.

This night was DOPE. Olivier Day Soul and Tranqill joined us on stage and we mixed our sets together. The homey Ty showed up (one of the top 5 performing hip hop artist in my opinion) and hopped on stage with us. SHIT WAS LIVE! Anyone who goes to London NEEDS to go to Lookout, trust me.

After we did some sales, I hit the mic once again to host for DJ Alexander Nut (HE KILLED IT!) and we shut the place down.

No rest. On to TUBINGEN!!!

Tranqill, Olivier Day Soul, Oddisee, DJ Haul, Ty = CLASSIC!

Party people at the Lookout in LONDON, UK!

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