Saturday, March 29, 2008

In Ethics and Basketball...STFU already!! lol

So, picture the scene, i'm minding my own business trying watch a good ol' NBA ball game. A game that i've loved since before I can remember being able to pronounce the word basketball itself. I usually tune out most announcers (Stu Lance and Hubey Brown are the best in the world right now cuz they actually focus on the FUCKING GAME) but this time I decide to give these guys a chance to commentate. Here WE GO! Now I have to hear about stars in the league and what they do on their spare time and how many kids they've helped and blah, blah, blah. (sigh)

Maybe i'm a bad person and i'm going to hell, but, I could really care less how nice of person a player is off the court if they suck while they are on it. I commend everyone for their social commitments and understand that if you are going to give an MVP out, you'd better give it to a person that will make the "cough" folks happy. Reason being, "cough" folks buy more tickets to games than anyone and when they weren't happy a few years back, the league felt it and changed dress codes, took away an OBVIOUS MVP from J. Kidd (Yep he deserved that one that year, sure did, no doubt, stop acting like he didn't), made a few "image" adjustments (Did you notice how much they talked about how faithful D. Wade is too his wife during their run? lol) and presto! good clean "cough" folks love the game again.

Ok fine, I get it, I will deal with the MVP getting his #1 team bounced out of the playoffs by a #8 and NO ONE in the media putting any accountability on him as a "team leader." I will also stomach the countless amounts of times that the "nice guy" gets talked about as if it makes his game any better. Well, atleast from the announcers I will, but NOT from regular ol' fans!

WTF is wrong with ya'll? LOL Ya'll don't know these fools on this court from a random left footed shoe in footlocker. How do you "judge" whether a player is a leader, or good team mate, or anything else for that matter? Swearing to God you have insider information on the actual "personalities" of the players. STFU! The only grown man's personality you should really worry about is your own. There are no "personal" ethics on the court. All walks of life are there. Good ol' mama's boys and bad kids that used ball as a way out. Makes perfect sense for the league to give MVPs out based on how good of a person a player is. They have to sell tickets! I don't agree, but hell, I ain't in position to make a billion dollars of a jumpshot, all I get to do is enjoy the game, or not.

I know, I know, he's really friendly, or he really seems to be genuine at heart (sigh), What a great guy! *pause*

Bottom line is, just watch the game, yep, the actual game! Whether my squad wins or loses, I don't sit around and waste time and effort creating Youtube videos of my least favorite players and all that jazz, I watch the game occasionally debate or discuss and continue to live my life, eat food, walk, talk, and be regular ol' me. I got shit to do man lol

I'm very happy for the players and folks who receive and give efforts to rebuild communities and make life better, but when you ain't got no banners in your arena, no rings on your fingers, no championship trophies in the case and you are a "Star" well then, maybe you should spend more time shooting jumpshots and less time trying to "campaign" for MVP.

That being said, Garnett will likely get MVP this year. The big difference between this year and last year though, is that the MVP will "deserve" it, he will prove it in the playoffs, and the "cough" folks will still be happy.

As far as music goes...

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The Hero said...

LOL. I was just kidding when I said I had insider info on Dirk being a leader. And this is the exact reason that Nick Van Exel didn't get MVP multiple years.

Trek Life said...

LOL! I completely forgot you said that. This is completely unrelated. This is years of pint up basketball aggression here buddy LOL