Wednesday, April 9, 2008

See? This is the shit i'm talking about

There are times when the ignorance just goes too far. When the bar is just raised entirely too high to be reached and we all have to look at ourselves and wonder if we are somehow at fault. Some things...are simply not funny. I'm all for being, well...a clown. But I just think that there are times when you need to make sure you check yourself before you do something that represents you and often those who raise you. (sigh)

Some things, just aren't cute.

I know that when you do things like this you are only giving more exposure to the clowns, but this should embarrass this person or her parents enough to make that change for good. WE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THE FUCK THESE KIDS ARE DOING!!!!!

The video says it all.

(sigh) Some things are just SUPER RIDICULOUS!

Check out this new J-Live joint called "The Upgrade" featuring Oddisee and Posdnous of De La Soul (Produced by Oddisee) it's ridiculous in a good way. lol

Click here for the hotness

Oddisee is tryin' to win right now btw, but that's for another blog



The Hero said...

I don't see what the problem is? She is sending a message that she is a strong young woman and not afraid to face the challenges that life has for her as she moves forward in her path to womanhood. Preach it!

Trek Life said...

Her mother needs to beat her ass as often as time allows. That is my response to your comment

The Hero said...

"Her mother needs to beat her ass as often as time allows" LOL

The Hero said...

What are the odds that she is a straight-A student that rarely talks to other kids at school?

TJ said...

I think I drilled her older sister once.

Trek Life said...

LOL @ the idea of her having good grades. Not if she has a speech class! She's fucked if that's the case