Monday, March 3, 2008

The return to the brilliant city of Vienna, Austria

Damn! I just found out the Lakers lost to Portland LOL There's no one to talk about basketball with here. WTF?! Granted Dirk is from Germany. So that makes the WNBA a whole lot stronger (OOOOOOHHHHH!), but seriously, someone has to know something about the game. I've had to rely on ESPN, shit is sad. I'm convinced that Sportwriters get paid to piss people who know about the game the fuck off!So yeah, today's word is "death." LOL

The drive to Vienna was way out. We drove through a storm and the little car slid a few lanes every once in a while. If not for the courage of the fearless know the words. We went on about several different things starting with Erykah Badu sewing Common's outfits (HELL NAW!!!), and because of the storm a dirve that was supposed to take an hour or so took about 2 hours. We later found out that there was a REAL storm. Thank God we missed that.


The street that we enter Vienna on is dope. The architecture and history in this city is amazing. We pulled up to the homey Foxxy's apt and parked infront a small record store that DJ Chris Fader (Austria's IDF champion in 2007). We said what up, dropped these bags off and hit the city to find Serato Vinyl since I decided to be an idiot and left them shits in Tuebingen. Ummm 25 euros per vinyl. NO!!!!! Hell to the Nah. That's like $35-$40. NOPE! Foxxy made some phone calls so I could borrow some LOL.

We have few days in this city and 2 shows. One tonight (Mar 1st) and one on sunday (Mar 3rd), plus radio show on Sat, and one before the show tonight. (whew) I'm tryin to see the city. We go to the Cathedral. Damn, just damn. The detail that it took to build suck a thing in the times that it was build is insane. It is made of sandstone so it has to constantly be upkept, and during the war the Bell on the tower was destroyed. It didn't take very many pictures of the inside maybe tomorrow though. There are no more words to describe how dope this city really is.

Computer, sleep, Family Guy then off to work.

Shout out to The Loud Minority crew for having us out here. We did a short performance at "Club U" where legendary DJ Zuzi, Louis Figueroa, DJ Chris Fader and DJ Wisdom were on the decks blessin the crowd. We got there at midnight and there were not too many people. But the club really jumps off at about 1:30am, which is when we hit the stage. No stage, 1 mic, and a short time to rock = Still a dope show. Vienna is like Linz in the respect that they know their shit. We really booked this at the very last minute so it was a pleasure to get such a good response. I dj'ed a little bit after the show and then we chilled for a while and hit the road. KEBAB!! lol The dude selling the Kebab rapped for us and asked if I was a gangsta cuz i'm from LA. I told him that i've only murdered 5 people and in order to be a gangsta you needed atleast 7 murders under your belt, lest you kill an old person, then you move straight to the top. He looked sad for me LOL I'm kidding, my reply was a simple "nah."It rained as we were walking home, but all was well.

Family Guy, Family at home, then sleep somewhere around 6am.

Hit ya'll tomorrow

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The Hero said...

Now this is quality blogging!! Sounds like a crackin trip dog. Trek LIFE!