Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vienna Day 2 :-/

I actually slept this time LOL (Stadium type cheers). Its raining outside....and....i'm from the rain...ummmm...I ain't fuckin with it.

So everytime I opened my eyes no matter what everyone else was doing. I closed them and went right back to sleep. I think it was time to wake up lol

Note to all those who go on tour in Europe:

Non Smokers: Bring some febreeze, Ricola (drop that in some hot tea and clears you right up), and ofcourse some Airborne (That shit works Brian!).

Smokers: Your dreams have now been fulfilled (c) Redman before the De La's Ooh Song and an old school rapper that I can't seem to think of right now.

We went to FM4 to get back with my man Jo Jo on Digital Confusion radio and one was there to let us in (unprofessional is everywhere on the earth I guess). We got the run around all day! I mean all day! This was little to no fun at all. I mean, I don't mind folks being late, but to envite us somewhere and not show up is kinda wack. One show cancelled and the other moved to the next day. There wasn"t much to do but sit there and chill for a while and sleep. We rolled to this restaurant while I was very upset that I was missing the Dallas vs. Lakers game. OVERTIME!!! ARRRGGG!! lol. I really need some basketball in my life right now haha.

Me and Odd grabbed some bomb food, the ittis set in and tomorrow is on the way.

Not very interesting at all.

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