Friday, March 14, 2008

Some of ya'll so called "heads" are annoying

Venting time...

I'm tired of you elitist knowitall muthafuckas who make things out to be faaaaarrr more than they are. You make an album more than music, a peice of art some ridiculously hard to understand statement, and think because you have on "exclusive" something that you are wise intelligent person on the earth. A SONG IS A FUCKING SONG!!!! That's all it is. You can interpret things however they make you feel. There are certain accuracies that artist way convey, but in the grand scheme, if the names of the streets, people, state, or whatever can be changed in your mind to get the message more clear, then by all means change them shits.

The Erykah badu album has sparked this renewed movement of "oh this record is esoteric and only certain people can understand it" folks. (sigh) You guys are idiots. Albums are meant to be heard and enjoyed. Not to seperate the "chosen" from everyone else. Each person will gather their own meaning from a lot of things on that and any other album. I wish you all would stop there, but nooooo, you have to take it to everything from music, to movies, to tennis shoes, to everything you can possibly do to seperate yo' below average self from the rest of the world. lol

Just listen to the shit and leave it at that. Good/bad criticism is fine, but the whole "this album is so deep" thing that ya'll are doing is just ridiculous. The record is great, I can't even listen to that shit anymmore cuz of all the damn extras.

Forreal ya'll, stop the bullshit PLEASE!! Just stop.

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The Hero said...

I agree completely. Folks is crazy.