Friday, March 14, 2008

Last stop, Cologne, DE, then home and all that


Last stop on the tour is today. Had a great time and we are on the train headed to Cologne, Germany. We performed here last year and had a DOPE show, so we're hoping for the same thing tonight.

We got up and packed everything. (My backpack is officially MISSING!!! Someone got that shit last night at the club!) Then we headed out the door to the train station for what was said to be a 5 hour ride. Ummm...more like 7! lol All is well though, I slept, got interviewed by Oddisee, played FIFA (and lost), watched Family Guy, and sulked over my favorite little 5gig hard drive that is now gone (tears). As well as typed this part of the blog and the last blog. So, as you can see I kept busy.

We were met at the station by Jannis (pronounced Ya'nnis) of Jakarta records and PH7. Very good people. We walked out of the station just happy to be off the train and "tetris'd" into DJ Butterfinger's car to head to Oddisee's studio session with PH7. Dude got beats!!!

We kicked it and talked for a while and talked about music back home, basketball (FINALLY!) and everything inbetween. Session took about 2:30 hours. Jannis went to get some groceries to cook later on. I got some sleep while Oddisee did his verse and we had to rush to get to DJ Amigo's crib eat and get to the venue for soundcheck. Ummm, Jannis forgot the groceries at the studio LOL! So we hit the venue for soundcheck and I had a Kebab and a brew YES!!!

That bar was soooo dope!!! Shout out to Ben btw. We were performing for the release party of Jakarta Records 12" release of Oddisee's single (You can check their myspace page for more info). I pretty much stayed on the tables and kept the party live while Oddisee hopped on the mic and hosted and performed a few joints. I rocked some joints as well. We killed it! I LOVE that place. (The place is called the Stecken btw). After the club it was back to the crib to get ready for the longest travel situation ever! lol

A 2 hour bus ride to a 2 hour layover to a 2 hour flight with the craziest people on earth on the plane. You would've sworn that the plane was a high school hallway. they were out of their seats, FADED and yelling loudly, as well as singing! Shit was insane! On to a 10 hour layover at Dublin airport where they have no place for you to chill during an overnight layover. They moved us from one side of the airport to the next. Shit was insane. Then a 9:30 hour flight home. (sigh) Mom, remember the young boy who hated flying like it was torture? He's still here. He's grown and deals with it, but he STILL hates it. lol

Going through US customs is actually wild as hell in Dublin. There are restaurants, bars and stores, but downstairs after you go through customs, the shit is near like prison LOL. There's nothing down there at all but a vending machine and mean looks. LOL!

To wrap the tour up is simple. Shit was DOPE! there's a reason why Hip Hop is still alive out there. We'll see if home can hold up as well. Origination this Wednesday, and BRIDGES! this saturday.

I'M HOME!!!!
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Check out this video: Cologne, Germany 2008

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