Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Expendable people


By Subha Ravindhran

LONG BEACH (KABC) -- The family of a man shot and killed by police said Sunday that he was unarmed and mentally ill.

The L.A. District Attorney's office is now investigating the shooting death of 47-year-old Roketi "Rocky" Su'e. He was shot Saturday night by two police officers after a fight.

"Obviously we're all pretty upset. I really can't explain our feelings, but the best we can do is wait for the autopsy and the police report," said Laa-ull Toomalatal, the Su'e's nephew.

Police said it all started when they received several calls of a man acting erratically in a Long Beach neighborhood Saturday night. When officers arrived, they found Sue yelling and screaming in the middle of the street. They tried to arrest him, but he resisted, police said, and that's when one officer opened fire, fearing for his life.
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An angry crowd then surrounded the scene, prompting officers to call for back up.

"This man had on no shirt, he had no weapons. There was no reason to shoot him," one neighbor said.

"It could have been prevented," said Lathaniul Harris, who witnessed the shooting. "I find that that's wrong."

Sue's family believes that a fight with his girlfriend caused his erratic behavior. They also say he suffered from bipolar disorder. Now they're hoping the evidence shows that the Long Beach police officers acted appropriately.

"We don't know the whole story. So until we get all the facts, we can definitely comment then," Toomalatal said.

In addition to the District Attorney's office, which routinely investigates all officer-involved shootings, homicide detectives with the Long Beach Police Department are also investigating. Witnesses are asked to call (562) 570-7244 with more information.

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Once again, another man has been shot by a police officer. I would like start off by saying that you never know what happened. The police are given guns for a reason. However, somehow I believe this could've been resolved a different way. I couldn't imagine a tougher job. The twist is, that it's even tougher being the young black male target of the boys in blue.

Let's begin where we should...

There are a whole lot of idiots out there doing dumb shit that they need to be locked up for. Threatening the very safety of good people that are just trying to raise kids and live normal lives. Some of those people may even need to be shot. "Damn Trek, that's fucked up." Really? If a clown test the safety of my family, that WILL be the fate. There's no reason for a lot of the bullshit that goes on in some places. No excuse at all. So don't hit me with no extras. Some of these fools need to be locked up or shot. Reform is a wonderful thing, I pray for it. Hell, I ain't perfect at all. But the fact remains that fools exist, fools that look similar to me and friends of mine, fools that give the impression that my skin means trouble. The stereotype didn't begin with them, but it is carried forward by them though. Some of them are my closest friends, some even family members, but that changes nothing when I think about the people that have suffered in the wake of some of their nonsense. I've sat on that pew before and felt the hatred for the person that had me sitting there. I know it all too well and it stays in my mind whenever I leave the house. Fuck a suburb or whatever many of ya'll think. Dumb shit and bullets have no boundary and they have shown up far too often for some of us.

HOWEVER! This man did not seem like one of those people. Not at all. From the story that's coming out, this man seemed angry at a situation, a situation that the police are supposed to be trained to resolve. Fuck that! I've seen cops and other shows where people with GUNS have survived and been taken into custody. There's a whole lot of patience exhibited in many instances. Unless ofcourse...you're one of the "expendable people." People that don't matter at all. Sad when you get shot and the first thing that people shout is that "the police have a right" and blahzay blah. Fuck you! Where was there a weapon that was equal to the police officer's? They are combat trained! Why can't they take down civilians? Why did they have to come in and break cel phone cameras? Once you answer those questions, then get back to me on what kind of right someone has to just kill someone over a tussle. When your people are shot for arguing, ONLY THEN can you come to me and say anything.

Some people are saying fuck the police. I understand. I don't agree, but I understand. This type of shit is not uncommon. This shit is happening every where us "expendable people" live. The black male is a target. In so many ways. Not just police violence, but in the eyes and image of his own women and elders. We are worth killing right? After all, we rap, talk loud, drink, and womanize. That's makes us worthless right? Cuz lord knows that no other men do things similar, oh no! No other men at all.

When I was told of the verdict for the police officers who shot that brotha in NY a billions times, I wasn't shocked at all. I told my homeboy Kev (who was outraged), "Sometimes you have to understand that you are expendable." I learned it early in life and accepted it, and shit like this is only further proof that it is more than true.

Prayers to the most high for this man's family and for the soul of the officer that pulled the trigger. This one is going to haunt you til your very last day my friend. Simply because, you and everyone else knows, that this could've been handled much different.

I'll hit ya'll with some music next time around.


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