Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some people don't talk (Random thoughts)

So I was watching this show Snapped. This is almost a Sunday family ritual lol. If you are not familiar with the show I can sum it up real simple: Women killing folks (mostly men) for various reasons that often lack any merit or common sense. <--there it is. These broads get to lettin' fools have it lol. They kill for everything you can imagine (well, mostly because they wanna be with or sleep with someone else and they don't wanna tell their husbands, but, yeah...)

Anyway, I shouldn't think this is funny right? I mean, I don't know if its as much as i'm desensitized to it, I think its that i'm so far distant from it. I don't ever think that will happen to me (yep niggas, I said never). I can see why someone would want to wyle out and beat someone down, hell, I can even understand why folks get shot, but, let's go deeper into the subject...Ready?...okay, let's roll.

In close relation the subject I was once told a story by a friend that he was being pulled over by a police officer for a (driving while black) ticket. He contested the ticket as some people do with the typical "Man, all these criminals running around here killin folks and such and you giving me this ticket?" the cop simply responded, "It's easier to get away with murder in Los Angeles than it is to get away with speeding." This stuck me as wild, because I actually was told the same thing by a police officer. DAMN!!!

There's a reason though. Some people don't talk. Yep, that simple. Check it, most of us are theatrical during altercations. We talk and wyle, and get upset openly and it rarely ever ends in a fight or violence. I feel the reason is because we want someone to stop us really. Either that or we want to let someone know just how upset we are, without them having the ability to respond or defend. So, we use all sorts of passive aggressive or overly aggressive ways to make sure that we get our point across, but, we don't really want it. Honestly, who wants to get shot? Not many people, I would assume no one actually.

The next thing is that most people feel like nothing is going to ever happen. So, we push buttons, because in our minds, we are safe. By law, we are supposed to be, right? I mean, its against the law to do a lot of shit, especially hurt or kill someone. We firmly believe that those laws are in place and that they police everyone but "thugs" or crazy people. The problem with that theory is, you have no clue how crazy someone is, until they...well...act crazy lol

Which leads me to my point. There are some people in this world who don't talk, they don't do rap videos with guns in them, they don't get angry in public and cool off later, they simply store it all in...and react. When you see a show like snapped, or see on the news that someone randomly got popped or beat down in a mall parking lot, usually, its because they ran into a person that was tired of talking or just didn't talk at all. Now, by law, they aren't supposed to do that right? They are supposed to be afraid of the consequences right? lol We all wish that were true, but prisons are filled with people who gave less a f&%k about those laws and I can attest to knowing that some of those people haven't made it to prison yet for the same disregard. I was told by a very wise person a while ago, what do you care if the cops come get someone if you dead? LOL Its too true! Forreal YOU GONE NIGGA!!!! I mean I would love to see the person brought to justice, but ultimately, YOU STILL GONE!!! haha

Ya'll should catch this show. Click here to find out more about it

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