Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The "God Yo' Self" Movement

This shit is real simple. A whole lot of folks is talking about how other folks feel about them and that other folks is holding them back and blah zay blah FUCK THAT! "God Yo' Self!"

That shit means don't wait for nobody to exalt you to the highest before feel like you can accomplish. Know you are beyond capable before anyone tries to convince you different. Make it impossible for them to convince you different.

Fact is, people spend a whole lot more time screaming about your error than they do shouting your praises. Shout your own praises cuz in the end, all you got is you.

"God Yo' Self"
"Kind Yo' Self"
"Queen Yo' Self"

This is off an album called "Yoga at Home vol 1" by my fam Haj from Dumhi

The Benefits Of Practice feat Random and Trek Life


The Hero said...

This is a hip hop album called "Yoga at Home" ? I'm confused but the song is tight.

Trek Life said...


He kinda flips the concept per song. I'll have to let you hear it.