Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning "G.O.O.D"

Well, as you all know Kanye is back in effect. His new single "Love Lockdown" debuted a few weekends ago live at MTV's VMAs (the video has been removed from just about everywhere I care to search YAY ESTABLISHMENT!) and was all the talk and rave. Some are wondering if he's serious, other's are praising him for his creativity. Regardless of how you feel about it, Kanye is on his way with all that heat just like always.

There were a few versions of the single leaked, most of them incomplete but here's the final version of the first single off of his latest album "808's and Heartbreak." Yes I am a few weeks late, but there's a reason for that. Ready? Here it is....I care not about being the first to post something, I often need time to think about how I feel about some things. After all, my blog is, well, my opinion lol.

How do you feel about this song Trek?

Well, let me start by saying that I am a fan of Kanye's Music. I think that the dude is one of those rare breed of artist that is driven to be dope no matter what and never satisfied with his success. That's PERFECT for these days and times. He's also extremely sincere on the mic. Doesn't seem like he spares a thought at all (lol @ some of Kanye's thoughts though).

All that being said, this single kinda has me hyped to see where he's going to go with all this. Autotune, singing, drumless beats, electronica sounding songs...all this leads me to believe that we are going to be pleasantly surprised with what 808's and Heartbreak brings to the table, AND; Can you imagine what THIS concert is going to be like? The last one was certifiably insane! Amazon.com has the release date set @ December 16, 2008 so we still have a while to wait for the next move.

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The Hero said...

Auto tune is garbage, kanye is going downhill.