Friday, January 9, 2009

Talk Strange? What the hell is that?

In 2009 we can be sure of one thing.  The producer is king! lol  For the most part atleast.  For all the names that you know concerning Hip-hop, it should be "duly noted"  (whatup Crush one!! LMAO) that the beats and direction behind the scenes is what has kept this music thing going for years.  Now we all know that this is common knowledge.  You know when you are watching some music awards show, and there's some random dude just sitting there looking rich for no reason, all the artist know the dude and blahzay blah, well, he's likely one of 3 things;  The record label owner, The producer, or a drug dealer that you have no idea moves soooo much weight lol.

Ok, i'll get to the point.  I have a few people that I think remain consistently dope on the beats, but have the ability to control the sound, effort and overall mood of any song they touch.  I mean, there's nothing wrong with being just dope on the beats.  But a producer does much more than that.  I've said for years that J.Bizness is one the few people on beats that I see clearly as having a lane to be more, but, this isn't about him lol.

This is about Dert.  A producer from the star studded zone of 626!!! lol

I can go through his list of credentials (KRS One etc..) but you can go to his page for all that.  I suggest you check out his latest Beat Tape titled Talk Strange_A Beat Tape inspired by Bjork (link below) and get acquainted.  If you need further listening material i've also posted a link to "The West Side of the Moon" which is a beat tape that he did flipping samples from Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album.


Talk Strange


West Side of the Moon


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