Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ok Common, I see you

I'm always conflicted on questioning another artist about anything that they do. I mean my career isn't exactly at a point where I can question another's success or effort without always feeling like "Well, he's a lot further than you." (shrugs)

In this case though, I had a few questions for Common when Pharell produced Universal Mind Control single dropped. I just didn't completely get it. Couldn't really tell you whether the lyrics were wack to me cuz for the first time in his career, I couldn't get into the song enough to even try to understand. Now this isn't hate. Just because I happen not to care for something doesn't mean that it's hopeless, after all, this is just MY! opinion. lol

That being said, I knew all I had to do was wait for the song that would show me that Common was still, well...Common. Patience has apparently paid off. Courtesy of http://www.nalden.net//newsitem/825/ via OKP I came across this song "Gladiator." I think this song is bangin! (for a change lol) Let's hope that UMC can bring forth more bangers like this. We'll have to wait til Dec 9th

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brian said...

Common got the dopest team around him. Neptunes are nice but not for the whole album. He shoulda had a more collective effort. Dreamatchups i would love to see Common with - madlib, black milk, jake one, pete rock, questlove, premiere, justice, mgmt, ratatat, paul rubin, Dan the Automator, Sa-Ra.
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