Sunday, February 17, 2008

What it is ya'll....

I was told by upper management here at that I have to up my blog game lol. Shit has been hella hectic though, trying to get things together for Europe and all, plus all the regular things that go along with life in the big city.

With all that in mind, this is what we're going to do. For all you young folks, roughly 25 years ago Micheal Jackson released the smash hit album Thriller. Some of you weren't even born (damn i'm old) and some of you, like me, had some sort of Micheal Jackson jacket complete with buckles, zippers and a lifetime of embarrassing pictures (don't forget the glove, there's nothing more flossy than a diamond studded glove) LOL.

Anyway, MC extraordinaire Rhymefest has come up with a dope concept mixtape to pay homage to MJ and further and show off his near flawless rhyme skills. The name of the mixtape is Man in the Mirror. Rhymefest, with the help of Mark Ronson, Wale, Mary J, Ghostface, the man Micheal Jackson himself and others pretty much kills this whole project. My boy B put me on to this and roughly 40 minutes later my brother called and told me a bout it as well, so I had to give this a serious listen. I've listened to a good portion of it so far and I have to agree, THIS SHIT IS BANGIN!

You can download the mixtape here via a link provided by the man Rhymefest himself.

All hope is that this leads to even more dope projects, we shall see, for now, I think you all will be thoroughly entertained by this creative project that is soon to have those hoping to gain mixtape fame need to step their game all the way up. (kinda like my blog game LOL)

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K said...

Tight! The internets are glad you finally posted again! We are interested in knowing what you do on a day-to-day basis as a dope emcee.