Tuesday, February 5, 2008

UNI!! One of the next up and coming dope groups from LA

There area a number of reasons to like a hip-hop duo. Two people (we assume are best friends for some reason LOL), going for broke verse after verse. Two different perspectives on a subject. Two different choice of styles on a beat. But if done correctly, they both blend to gether to make the perfect mix. Just seems like the persfect thing in rap music for 2 dope emcees to come together and click as duo. Fact is, duos are very important in hip-hop, think about it, EPMD, Das EFX, Run DMC (I know about JMJ NIGGA LOL, but i'm talking about rappers), Outkast, Salt n' Pepa, I mean, the list can continue forever.

In a time where we focus more on what's bad in our music, I present to you a very DOPE up and coming rap duo. U.N.I! With their recent release Chicken and Watermelon, a number of postive reviews online and in mags, featured video on myspace and notably energetic shows, U.N.I has set themselves up as a group that needs to be paid close attention to over the next couple of years. There is no drop off in talents between the this duo of Y.O. and Thurzday from Inglewood, CA, not one drop of at all. You aren't sitting there waiting for "the dope one" to get his verse in. There are both on an equal level and that level is serious whether on a subject or just straight flowin'
Most impressive is the review on their live show. Everyone I know that has seen them grace the stage in LA has pegged them as veterans already. That's a big deal in a city where performance is what seperates the "meh" from the "dope."

I urge ya'll to check these cats out. I feel confident that they will be on the rise in the next few years. They've yet to lock themselves into any particular brand or style, so they have a good amount of room to grow as artist. Judging from the hype they've accumilated so far, there's no limit to where they can end up.

You can check them out @ myspace.com/unimusik.
Also, Check out the videos:

Beautiful Day

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KREAM is a tight ass video