Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hard Work in Vienna

Word from home is that my little girl is rolling over and trying to crawl. *tear* Her level of importance is so critical to me. Daddy will be home in a minute! One day she'll be able to breakdance like daddy in the Vienna train station on the way to the studio.

Trek Breakdances for Sarai

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This is an extremely busy day on the way. We hit the studio to record a joint that Un did for Foxxy's album. As usual the verse took seconds lol. We got some flicks though. The homey Daniel was on the boards. Shout out to Unknown. For some reason they had a scary ass Santa Claus out side haha. The session was pretty ill though. But no time to relax. We had to get back to do a radio show called "Tribe Vibes" on FM4 and then do another radio show with DJ Caustic @ PlayFM and then get to the show. Let's move!

Studio in Vienna

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Daniel drove us half way and we walked to the crib to meet up with Oddisee and be on our way to the show. Back to the place where yesterday we were left out in the cold. To be greeted professionally and walked straight into the building. PERFECT! Wireless internet PERFECT! lol

I went ahead and made sure that I did the worst possible mixing in the history of ever putting a hand on a record LOL. Oddisee did most of the talking (go figure LOL j/k) and we wrapped it up no biggie. They already had serato at the radio station, so everything was all good. Now Play FM? that was a different story. We got there and there really is no interview. You just spin for a time slot and all of Vienna is listening. No biggie right? NO SERATO!! Damn. We walk back to the crib and get the serato while Caustic and Conikt hold it down. Got the serato, went back and I spun for all of 15 minutes LOL. But, Caustic and Conikt spin dope shit and they had a fridge full of free beer so YEAH!!!!

Aight, done with that. Now on to what we came here for. Cafe' Leopold! I was told that it was a lounge environment and folks just chilled. Cool. Hell Nah! I"ma make these people dance LOL. Foxxy didn"t believe me haha

By 12:30am folks was groovin to the sounds of the one and only Trek Life. Shit was FUN! Just to see people enjoy themselves makes the trip worth it (well, that and the euros, I love them euros!) Oddisee hosted, and I rhymed. Caustic and Conikt held it down and every had a great time. BEER! and more Beer! lol

By the end of the night (which was about 4am) we were headed home and I was laughing at them for having to carry these heavy ass records while I walked comfortably with my backpack on (SHUT UP!). Caustic had all sorts of purist jokes until a wheel on his record box broke. SMH No big deal right? He just staked his record box onto the Dolly that Conikt had borrowed from Foxxy to help carry his crate. Ummm......The wheel on that soon broke too LOL!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!! I ended up having to carry folks records anyway HAHAHA!!

No internet when we got to Foxxy's (shrugs) I was dead tired though.

This was hands down the most fun i've had in a while at a club. Aside from Bridges, Pause, Soundlessons, and now Fresh Beats, I don"t know what its like to go to a club without egos and extras. This spot was down to earth and DOPE!!! I MUST come here again.

Next up Jena, Austria

(Shout out to my man Trish of "Tribe Vibes" congrats on your lil boy and thank you for the congrats on my lil girl)

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vtn said...

take some more pictures of the people. specifically, some girls hah.