Friday, March 7, 2008

Party People in Jena

You know who should run for president?  Anyone who"s ever swept and mopped the floor at McDonalds anywhere in the world.  I mean, they don"t give a damn if you standing there or what, the are mopping the floor and you either get with the program or get out the way LOL.  This lady in McDonalds was SERIOUS about mopping the floor.  I actually had to admire her passion for keeping the floor so clean.  Nevermind that i'm an actually a customer, nah, fuck that THE FLOOR COMES FIRST!! lol I ain"t buy nothing but a soda anyway, while Oddisee ended getting the opposite of what he ordered.  There you have it.  McDonald's is the same everywhere lol.

The drive was about 6 hours or so.  We stopped by Conikt's house to pick Serato vinyl up and go to the club wiht time  to eat a very well cooked meal by the promoter and relax beofer soundscheck.

This may have been the single worst show we've done out here though.  Don't get me wrong.  The people rocked with us and all.  But they really just wanted to dance. That being said, there's really not much news.  We were working HARD though LOL.  The soundsystem was BANGIN!!!!!  Every song sounded perfect.  The club was very dope too.  There was graff all over the place.  They had light signs for us and everything lol.

Since we weren't there during the day it was hard to really get pics of all the graff and stuff, but I owe this city a return visit, just to really get a chance to get down the right way.

We left there at about 4:30am and head to DJ Conikt's flat in Leipzig which is about an hour away.

On to Dresden after some sleep.


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