Saturday, March 8, 2008

Live from Leipzig, Germany!

What more can I say?

Another lazy day.  We kicked it TOUGH today before the show.  The only time we went out was to get a Kebab from up the street (THE BEST KEBAB EVER!!!!!! Also, the only time I really took pictures, but Conikt got some of the show) and even that was done in pjs lol.  Good rest and good food.  This tour we've been running pretty hard, so unlike last time there wasn't very much fire to go sight seeing.  Though I must say that Leipzig is a  very well developed city, with a good amount of graff and a very progressive feel to it, from what I saw atleast.

After hours of chillin we got ready for soundcheck and the show.  The trend has been that the better the sound, the less people LOL.  Nah but seriously, this venue was a trip to walk up to at first.  Very dark back alley entrance with a factory type thing next to it.

[More videos from mctreklife]

[More videos from mctreklife]

Soundcheck went well, we hit the crib and ate with a bunch of now new friends, as well as talked about politics and globalization (yep we did that lol).  On to the show!


This cat named Lars opened for us and killed it.  Small crowd, but they stayed rockin at what I would say was my most energetic performance this tour.  We set up shop and O bounced from the club early.  I should've followed suit cuz somehow my backpack was stolen or lost and all the shit that was in it.  Fortunately everything in the bag was replaceable, but the bag was a gift and it sucks that someone would grab it and not just return it.  (sigh)  That's going to piss me off for a while.

I hit the crib, reported home and fell asleep as soon as my eyes shut.  I think i've lost more shit on this tour than i've ever lost in my entire life!

Anyway, on to the last stop on this tour before home.  Cologne, Germany.

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K Lew said...

Sounds like you need security homie. I got you!