Friday, March 7, 2008

On to Dresden!!!

Almost home...

I made a call home and got some hilarious pictures of my daughter.  She's going to look completely different by the time I get home. LOL

I didn't really fall asleep til about 7am out here.  Not for any other reason than the fact that it was cold than a muthafucka!  Damn!  Please turn up the heat!  I'm skinny, I need HEAT!!!  lol  Regardless sleep happened and the next morning was lazy and chill.  It was cold and muggy outside and we had to hit Dresden in the evening, so chillin' was the gameplan.

We hit the road for an hour long ride to Dresden, DE and to perform at a bar that Awol One and Aloe had performed at in the last few weeks or so.  DOPE PLACE!!!  The theme of many of these bars and venues out here really puts some places back home to shame.  So lets see...

Soundsystem dope? (Check)
Venue dope? (Check)
Beer? (Check)
People? (not so much LOL)

Only a handful of people showed, so I hit the tables and played our music only while hosting and letting the people know what they were listening to (Ya'll better learn the many ways to sell a cd).  All was well in my opinion.  Some folks bought some records and we had a good time.

The city had a look sort of like Brooklyn and the Donor Kebab was DELICIOUS!!  I don't think i've ever tasted better.  Unlike Vienna, the people just vibed out and chilled to the music.  Showing reaction but not wylin.

Hey!  Did I mention that in the car that we are traveling in we only have a cassette player?  YEP!!!  That shit is classic.  We are listening to Emanon's waiting room on cassette as i'm typing this in the car.  Everywhere I go people are talking about someone from the city (Blu, Aloe, Exile, Lotus, Stones Throw).  The city is doing really well overseas!  I'm proud.  Events with folks that I used to run with have me not really into the scene back home, just to simply be around people I trust and KNOW, is much better than to question the intentions of those around me all the time.  But it is great to know that my peers have come even further than I had thought.  I knew we were doing well, but DAMN!!

So yeah, I hear Lebron went for 50, 10 and 8 in the Garden last night.  If the Knicks don't get rid of Isaih soon there's going to be a riot.  No disrespect to Lebron, but he schooled a bunch of 8th graders and Jamal Crawford.  Enough with the BBall talk, there are a few pics of the venue in here, no video or anything like that cuz Conikt worked the door and Oddisee is a super star LOL.   But I don't ya'll to hear how terrible the first 10 minutes of my set was anyway.

Back to Liepzig for a show tomorrow, damn time is flying!

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