Thursday, September 25, 2008

"But Nah this is Pain Language" - Planet Asia

There are things in this world that I never realize I miss until I get another dose of them. In psychiatric evaluation of myself, I've found that I am naturally dismissive. Once things are gone, they are just...well.....gone. I hate thinking or dealing with the past in any way, but I am somehow haunted by the memory of it and the desire to have certain things from it.

You know? This is waaay too deep for what the fuck I really wanted to talk about lol.

Taking into consideration what you just read above I bring you DJ Muggs and Planet Asia's new album "Pain Language." This shit is just raw rhymes and beats. No song for the ladies, no deep intellectual song about voting and/or the trials of the city. NOPE just DOPE rhymes and beats. Grimey, raw, gritty, bangin', head nod, screw face hip-hop (This guy would love this shit!).

Now, i'm not one of those people that says that "this is the way that all hip hop should be." Matter of fact, I sternly disagree with that notion. Diversity is the key people. You aren't always in the same mood, sometimes you need some different shit. Also, sometimes I want people to do what they are 100% best at on records. Whether that be one sided or not, I NEED to hear Planet Asia spit that super scientifical Gold chain rap. That shit has gotten the morning off on the right note for the past week lol.

Muggs creates a dark beat landscape and Planet Asia simply runs through rhymes with ease. I love when an emcee is at home over the tracks. If i can tell he/she is enjoying what they are doing, it only makes it better.

I also would like to clearly state that the live show is just that LIVE! I went to the release party last Saturday. WOW! Straight beats and rhymes done correctly.

All that being said, I leave you with the title track and to check out. This song is not at all misleading. The album stays along these lines in different variations and the fact that it's done right is what keeps your interest.

That is all, ya'll


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The Hero said...

three years ago kanye > planet asia

now planet asia > kanye