Saturday, September 27, 2008

Late night drunk jargon

So, I just DJ'ed a pretty dope set for my man DJ Duck's b-day. Them Jack n' Cokes sneak up on you though. lol Got everyone home safely, which is the most important part of the night always.

The debate is on right now. What the fuck are they talking about for half of this thing? I mean, I "GET" it, but when I hear commentary on it later, the shit just sounds like the whole thing is superficial. The shit sounds like sports. Who "got" who and blah. There has to be a "direct" message at some point. Running a nation can't be an easy task, and there is much more to it than the average person with their own needs can ever see or know. But the shit is becoming ridiculous at this point. We've seen this country be taken through the ringer in the last 8 years. The amount of distrust that some people (including myself) have for our government is scary. At some point there needs to be something that we can "trust." When I was younger I could care less. Even now, knowing that i'm a young black male, I know that neither candidate is really standing there concerned for my personal needs, nor the concerns of many of my peers. I just feel like no one is being "direct" and as a result, fuck a debate and who "won." At some point "we" need to "win." That's something that hasn't happened in a very long time.

Who knows? All I know is Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon is the shit!) and her song with "Hird" is on repeat right now (I love you my hope). As it should be. Shout out to KennyFresh @ i'ma get those files to you tonight, my bad on the delay.

Kanye West is becoming more of a genius everyday. He has recently posted the seperate tracks for Love Lockdown on his blog for you to remix if you'd like. Between this nigga Oddisee, Pac Div, Blu and a few others i'm so hyped about the shit that we are going to hear in the next few years I don't know what to do.

Speaking of Oddisee, I just checked my email and he's sent me a "Euro Trash Oddisee Remix" of this joint already. FIRE!! I'll link it up at the end for all you DJs that come here for dope shit. Listening to this joint makes me think "Damn, imagine what this dude could do with someone like Aloe Blacc or anyone who is creative and dope with new styles.

My little girl is walking and running shit lol. This needs to be noted cuz in a minute she's going to be telling what to do haha

Congrats to ABF and Tam Blue on the safe birth of Agala Blue Endeley (I know, I know i'm late). Happy bday to the homie Duck.

I need to get off this computer and get some sleep. Hell by the time I finished this blog with all the links n' shit I was sober. lol

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