Thursday, October 2, 2008

*Turns in late pass* Kev Brown and Busta Rhymes

Allow me to take you all through about 40 second of my life roughly 3-4 weeks ago. I was choppin it up with Tommy Blak (my DJ) and he says...

Tommy: Yo man, is that song Busta Rhymes just put out produced by Kev Brown?
Me: I don't know; what song?
Tommy: The one that's leaked recently
Me; Well, you know how Kev don't like leaks, so 'prolly' not lol
Tommy: Lol, that shit sound like Kev
Me: Well, if it is, i'ma get the instrumental to it first just to piss you off lol
Tommy: *Gives me the "I really do hate your existence look"


Fast forward to a a week or so after that on OKP and there is was. THIS SHIT IS FIRE!!!!

Ummm...Busta...Why isn't this song on the new album? I mean, Damn!!! This shit is stupid! Add in a Busta w/ Peter Rosenburg video and BANG here you go.


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K Lew said...

that's a dope song