Thursday, October 23, 2008

Johnson&Jonson ask Have you seen the Red Baby?! b/w The homie ABF got the ill mix on deck

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Blu & Mainframe's Johnson&Jonson album has been widely noticed and talked about around the world as the CD with the "Red Baby" on it. Since the birth of the "Red Baby" a.k.a. "Johnny," the Johnson's have brought the iconic "Red Baby" everywhere with them including trips to the studio, multiple meetings with labels, a couple of liquor stores, and their parties to celebrate the release of their critically acclaimed album.

A couple weeks ago, Blu & the Johnson's performed at 111 Minna, a club in San Francisco, and brought "Johnny" along for additional support. There are several photos from that night that prove that the "Red Baby" truly was in attendance. He was spotted hanging out with the homies, a bunch of Filipino girls and 1 white chick dancing to early 90s hip hop. Towards the end of the show MainFrame noticed and screamed on the mic "Yo, Where's the "Red Baby" yo?" … at 1:43 a.m. the "Red Baby" was announced as a missing person.

Was the "Red Baby" a victim of a kidnapping? Did a another MC or crazed J&J fan snag the baby off stage? Or was this a conspiracy plotted by a group of young Filipino girls to black mail Blu & Mainframe for some shit?

In hoping that the "Red Baby" gets home safe Blu & MainFrame have posted this unreleased MP3 entitled "Baby Don't Leave Me Now" to help lure any information pertaining to the missing "Red Baby". If you have any info email


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