Monday, October 27, 2008

That Jay-Z sample

Ok let's face it, some of ya'll know me forreal and others of ya'll don't know me at all. Wherever you fall on that list what you SHOULD know is that i'm very big on NEW music. Now let's be clear. "NEW"does not always mean that it came out recently. Though most times that is the case, other times it's simply something new in sound, or new to me because I hadn't heard it when it was released in it's day.

That being said, when I heard "Roc Boys - Jay-Z" for the first time I FLIPPED over not only the song, but the sample. How in the hell did this sample get passed up for years?! I mean, somebody had to sample it right. I dug (internet dug that is lol) and found the group and the sample, played it at bridges and flipped niggas wigs. Not to say that I was the only person to play it, but I sure hadn't heard it up to that point. (sidenote: even
Pudge hadn't heard it before, I emailed it to him with the thought of getting a beat cd in return. He got the song, I never got the beat cd lol). Those horns man, I couldn't believe that this shit escaped my 70's hunt for dope shit.

Skip ahead to now.

I jumped on OKP tonight to find a post about this band a review on a NEW album. Turns out that the band is not from the 70's at all. That song was released only months before it was used to create Jigga's banger. WOW! I needed to have this immediately (thanks iTunes). Listening to this album is like being in Reg heaven (HAHA). I''ll let you read the OKP review for some background on the project and where the band is from. Needless to say that you should pick this joint up as soon as you can.

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The Hero said...

Damn that original track is ill!!