Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A moment of self discovery *Heavenly music and Sun through the clouds*

In life there will always be things that will perplex us.  We will sit and wonder why we are even thinking about these things at all.  I mean, not to get all philosophical and all that but; really? Why the hell do we do that? 

Well, I discovered this trait within many people including myself at a pretty young age and after years of fighting against it (for the most part) I've come to discover that...well...I simply don't give a fuck about a whole lot of shit.  lol

Wait!?  Before you call me any sort of name or what have you, hear me out.  I simply don't have the extra brain power anymore lol.  To sit and wonder why folks do things they do, what the next move is for such and such, who's doing what to who, or anything that's concerning things I can't fix or control with my own hands.

Some would call this selfish.  I would simply shrug and say "Well, what would you like to do about it?"  They would then have to make the ultimate decision to deal with the fact that there's absolutely nothing they can do.

Here's where most of your minds have taken this.  "He doesn't care about other people."  Not true, I care about those that I love, I read the paper and see tragedy and think, "That's fucked up."  But after that, I keep it pushin' along.  If I can help, I help in the best way I can, and leave it where it is.  The fact of the matter is, Life is too damn short for all this questioning shit you can't do nothing about.  If the sun ain't out, put a jacket on and enjoy your day, shit, you can't make the sun come out, so deal with it lol.

All that being said I have to appreciate those that are concerned about things that interest them.  I'm sure if I ran off a list of things that I do think about, they would seem trivial to most everyone (i.e.  The fact that we under estimate the role that the engineer played in early hip-hop records is a travesty) <---SEE?<>

All i'm saying is that I ain't really trippin off shit I can't change.  We gotta leave something up to a higher power right?  Something!?  Anything?!  Or do we just handle everybody's everything?  Nope!  We don't.  If someone has more money than you; So the fuck what?!  Get your own money and stop thinking about what other people have.

I know what they say too.  If you say you don't care, that means you actually do. Ok, whatever makes you feel important lol

Anyway,  I'ma let my man Tranqill from the U.K. speak on it.

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